Low-angle Photography : Field Guide

Both the above shots were taken from the boat where I was sitting, from the same angle and same settings.

Both the above shots were taken from the boat where I was sitting, from the same angle and same settings.

In Photography, irrespective of the genre.. the ‘Angle of View’ is one of the crucial factors which influences the final outcome. As a creator, you have to decide on what angle you want the viewer to see the subject…

Particularly when you are shooting with tele lenses, where the angle is narrowed down to the sensor, framing by standing posture and sitting posture will get you two very different images. While in both the cases, the subject remains at the same distance, the foreground and background influences the overall perspective.

MUN_5793 LowRes.jpg

Here in this case I initially shot the Grater flamingo having food, I wanted to show the unique way the flamingos adapt while consuming their food. I cannot lay flat as I was already in a floating boat. Even If i am ready to get wet, I have to get in to the water go by water level and frame, before which the subject will fly off for sure.

So I did with another method: Turned the lens leg by 180deg, Coupled with my monopod and took over the boat level. For control my frame and to release the shutter I connected the Mobile app and camera.


Set up:

> Connected Cam and Mobile thro’ App

> Held the cam few inches above water level

> Framed thro’ app live view and released shutter.

Similarly we did the same during our Masai Mara expedition, below is the set up used.

Below is one such photograph framed using this technique.

9B9A8093 E1.jpg
9B9A8099 LR.jpg

A similar set up..

In many forests where stepping out of vehicle is prohibited, this setup will be of great use.

PS: This image was shot back in our camp for demonstration purpose.

Hope the above details were informative, If you have tried similar setups, do share with us by sending the links in comments section.


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Four reasons why I chosen the 2015 MacBook pro 15"

As a photographer, the system being used is as important as camera gears. We primarily use the system for processing and back up of files. To handle heavy RAW files and 4k videos, I must use a fast and reliable system. While there are few good professional laptops, I narrowed down to MacBook pro as I feel comfortable with its workflow and like its pace.

Recently I decided to upgrade my 2012 model 13" MacBook pro. After doing enough research and consultation with my friends, I bought the 2015 version of 15" MacBook pro (i7, quad-core, 16gb, 256gb).

Here are the four major reasons I have chosen the 215 version against the latest 2017 version.

1. The Keyboard:

The 2015 edition with standard keyboard 

The 2015 edition with standard keyboard 

The Latest Model with butterfly model keyboard and a large touch pad.

The Latest Model with butterfly model keyboard and a large touch pad.

While the new version is of latest technology comes with butterfly model, I personally felt more comfortable using the original (old) version. On analysing it further I understand that the old version gives a good feedback every time you press a key, the butterfly model doesn't feel like I pressed it even and it's noisy too.. I may not feel comfortable using it in mid of a meeting or in a silent office.

Though not sure, I heard from few of my friends that there are lot of reliability issues with the new touch-bar and keyboard. I also came across few news links which says the same. I am sure Apple is internally working on this internally.

2. The adapters:

2015 edition with All required ports

2015 edition with All required ports

The new edition with only USB-C ports

The new edition with only USB-C ports

The older version which I bought now has two USB3 ports, two thunderbolt ports, one HDMI port, one SD card slot and a MagSafe charge point. The new version has only Four USB-C ports. For now, I literally don't have any accessory with a USB-C pin.  So when I want to connect my stuffs like hard-disk, card reader, external display, I need to buy and carry a big bunch of adapters. This will not only fill my carry bag but will also empty my wallet. I need to buy adapters worth more than ₹10,000. 

3. The Look:


For many, this may sound like a silly point, but in gadgets' aesthetic is as important as performance. Like every texture and design is important while choosing a personal garment. I personally like the backlit logo in older version against the flat non-lit logo in latest versions. The latest one looks really non-premium. Of course it's a personal choice which influenced my decision by a small percentage.

4. The Price:


Probably I should have made this as first point. We are investing our hard-earned money in to this gadget. Our prime priority is to get best out of the money we spend on gadgets. On looking out alternate options, I personally felt this has the best value for money. I got an advantage of more than 30% on price tag by taking this decision, moreover I got a killer deal on this, which is equal to a 13" MacBook pro of 2016 version. You can personally message me if you want to know more on pricing.

The trade off:

Of course what I bought is not the best in today's industry, there are some trade-offs for the above mentioned advantages.. For example: the processor speed, touch pad, size, weight, etc.. are few advantages I compromised on.

Please feel free to share your personal opinions in comments below. If you feel this will be helpful for people who are looking to upgrade their gears, please do share. Thank you.